About SONO

A highly professional hair care cosmetic line made of essential oils and organic plants based on a simply formulation to guarantee effortless use.

Inspired by Italy, a land of art,  beauty and aesthetics, an exclusive and inimitable product has been developed, that surprises and that will be loved by erveryone.

SONO – universal and timeless, suitable for every hair type.

SONO – unique and inimitable, like yourself.

The developer of SONO traveled to discover fragrances and substances. They were looking for other methods and procedures. They chose Italy, a land of inspiration, energy and joie de vivre.

They searched for fragrant essences, exclusive recipes and the purest ingredients – they researched the absolute quality to be introduced into the new product.

Their experience has led them to design this unique product line.

With people sharing their enthusiasm for this work, they made their task the most beautiful and creative in the world.
The result is unique products for your beauty. Products that emphasize your personality in order to be able to say:

Sono – that’s me.